A Special Gift!

A Very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Team NEETbytes!
Ho Ho Ho!

A Special Gift!

To celebrate the season, we would like to give you something special, a free FULL copy of our upcoming game – ESCAPE: Room Reality! This is not just a short demo but the actual, complete game! There’s absolutely no catch or strings attached! ESCAPE: Room Reality is a story driven, “Escape Room” mystery game. There are no battles to fight or monsters to kill, just doors to unlock and pieces to put together. It is a puzzle RPG where you wake up in a locked room with some strangers and must find a way to escape. If you’ve played an escape room game before (where you’re locked up with your friends in a room and need to find a way out), this is similar.

See the trailer here below:

Here are some screenshots:

Here’s the download link!

(Just click on the button below)


You can also click on this link directly if the button does not work: Giveaway has ended! Thank you!

The only thing we ask for, is that if you enjoyed the game, please do vote for us on Steam Greenlight in order for us to launch ESCAPE: Room Reality on the platform. This is completely optional! Lastly, please do SHARE THIS PAGE with others as we’re only putting this up for a very limited amount of time! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year from all of us here at Team NEETbytes!