ESCAPE Room: Reality

What if you suddenly wake up and find yourself locked up in a room with 4 strangers…?

An “escape room” puzzle RPG game with old school RPG style graphics where you need to figure out not only how to get out, but also how you ended up here in the first place…

Team NEETBytes Returns!

ESCAPE: Room Reality PC Demo Released!


After a long hiatus, Team NEETBytes is proud to present a demo of our up and coming game, ESCAPE: Room Reality!

You can click on the button below to download the demo.

ESCAPE: Room Reality PC Demo
(Click here if the button doesn’t work for you.)

ESCAPE: Room Reality is a puzzle RPG where you wake up in a locked room with some strangers and must find a way to escape. If you’ve played an escape room game before (where you’re locked up with your friends in a room and need to find a way out), this is similar.

The game has been in development for almost half a year and we’re planning to launch the full version of the game within the next couple of months.


Click here for more information, including some first released screenshots!

While the demo is for PC only, we do plan to release the game not only for PC but also on iOS and Android. Yes, for the first time ever, we’re going to release a multi-platform game!

P/S: Keep an eye out for the announcement of our other upcoming game. Yup, that’s right, we’re coming back with not one but TWO brand new games! 😀

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[Comic] Team NEETBytes Assemble!

Kyuu and Nezumi really have short attention span. The only way to get them to work is by threats hehe ^_^

Anyway, please excuse the “weirder than usual” drawing. This was original posted back at my own blog and I made some small changes to suit the current situation.

Comic 002 - Game Creation

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ESCAPE: Room Reality Demo

If you enjoy playing escape room games, check out Team NEETBytes’ ESCAPE: Room Reality game demo!