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…what gripped me most about this game was the story.
Julian Rzechowicz

Senior Editor, OK Games

The experience is fun, quirky and as far as I know, unique. There are different endings dependent on your choices, the story is decent and the puzzles are intricate and challenging on the whole (various difficulty across the game of course)… click here to read full review…

I have finished the game, completed all secrets and hidden puzzles. The puzzles in the late-game were really difficult and i had a hard-time figuring them out. The puzzles are great and i definitely would buy this game again for them… click here to read full review…

Enjoyed the game very much. Not usually fond of puzzle games but I did try the real escape rooms before and really enjoyed that. The story is interesting, especially after about halfway through… click here to read full review…

ESCAPE Room: Reality


Can you ESCAPE the locked rooms??

ESCAPE Room: Reality is a Story Driven, “Escape Room” Mystery game. There are no battles to fight or monsters to kill, just doors to unlock and pieces to put together. While it’s not necessary, having pen & paper around can be helpful. Explore, Deduce, Escape.


What would you do if you woke up in a locked room with complete strangers? With no memories of how you got here, you must seemingly work together with the others trapped with you, only to find that maybe, just maybe, not everyone around you is an ally. Finding clues around the rooms and figuring out how it all comes together is critical to solve the locked rooms. Check the obvious and then double check the seemingly mundane and ordinary. What you need might just be looking at you the whole time…


An escape room puzzle RPG game where you have to search around for clues and solve puzzles in order to escape. Explore the rooms, find clues, read between the lines and solve the puzzles to escape!


Every character has a story. Getting to know them helps you build a better picture of what’s really going on. Certain interactions can help or deter you from figuring out the truth. Who should you trust? Who should you be wary of? Sometimes the best course of action is follow your guts… Or is it?

Hidden Puzzles

Not all hints are puzzles are hidden in plain sight. Dig around, see if you can uncover a deeper truth and understanding of your situations, your friends, or even your enemies. Hidden puzzles can be found throughout the game as you explore the room or even the different paths you’ll end up taking on your way to freedom. Who knows, you might even uncover a crucial clue to someone’s identity.


About Reverie Neko / Team Neetbytes

Team Neetbytes is a small indie game developer formed in 2011, and currently consists of 3 members. They’ve created a few games for iOS, although these are no longer available on the AppStore. Since then they’ve branched out into other platforms, and in order to try different things, have been working on different projects. Reverie Neko is one of the 3 members of Team Neetbytes. Being a fan of story creation since childhood, Reverie Neko’s main focus is always to create an engaging story. ESCAPE Room: Reality is the first solo game developed by Reverie Neko since 2015 on RPG Maker VX Ace, and then brought over to the newer RPG Maker MV platform. Initially set to launch in late 2016, due to certain restraints the game launch was delayed until it was approved for Steam Greenlight in June 2017. It is now available on the Steam store.

General Info

Developed by: Reverie Neko / Team Neetbytes Press contact: media[at] Platforms: PC [steam store][] MAC [coming soon] iOS [coming soon] Android [coming soon]