Escape Room Reality - Vote on Greenlight!

ESCAPE: Room Reality is currently up on Steam Greenlight. We’re hoping, with your help, to be able to get pass the voting stage and enter Steam’s marketplace.

Please help us out by voting and spreading the word around!

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ESCAPE: Room Reality is an escape room style puzzle RPG mystery game where you’re trapped in a room with 4 other strangers. With no memories of how you got here, you’re forced to find your way out of the various locked rooms.

Find hidden items and clues to figure out your next move.

Work together with the others who are stuck with you, but be wary of who to trust.

Make your choices wisely, or you may just find yourself on the wrong side of the rooms.

You can download a working demo of the game here: ESCAPE: Room Reality – PC Demo

Or Click here to vote for us on Steam Greenlight