We’ve just updated ESCAPE Room: Reality to version 1.2.3 via Steam. Please check to make sure that your version is up to date. You can do this by going to the main menu, the text on the upper right corner of the screen should read as release build 1.2.3. If you’re seeing an older version, try restarting your Steam client, which should have Steam automatically update the game.

Better Achievement Checking

This update provides a more thorough checking for the 8 new achievements that were added in version 1.2.1. All the new achievements that you had missed in your current save game would have been awarded after you’ve gone through any one of the ending. However, because of this, there’s been some discrepancy with the global achievements stats and some users were unaware of the update, even wondering why they did not get the achievement.

To better solve the achievement issue, more checkpoints have been added to the game where the game will check to make sure that you’re awarded any due achievements. Now you should be awarded the achievements the next time you load your save game.

Because certain maps/zones have a shared area, if you do not see your achievements awarded right away, just keep playing and you should get them soon enough once you’ve entered a new room. If you still did not get your achievements, please contact us by posting in the comments, in the community hub or use the site’s contact form.

Of course, that’s not the only update…

Updates to Dialogues

Some dialogues have been updated to allow a better flow of conversation and certain less important dialogues will no longer repeat once you’ve gone through them once. This is and will be a continuing effort to improve the overall game experience for players so you don’t have to go through as much text while trying to figure out what to do next.


And for the keen-eyed, you might have noticed that the previous loading screen was still using the older-styled name that read ESCAPE: Room Reality. It has now been updated with the proper title as well as a minor facelift. See if you can spot it!

Again, if you have any feedback, suggestions or even complaints, please let us know!