ESCAPE Room: Reality was recently updated to version 1.3.0 on Steam.

macOS Support

We’re pleased to announce that the game is now officially supported on macOS!

As this is our first official macOS game release, there may be some bugs that we’ve missed during testing. Please report them to us if you do run into any issues.

Bug Fixes

There are also a couple of bug fixes in the latest version, which applies to both Windows and macOS versions of the game:

1. Fixed an issue in Game Room where Roland would walk around during a scene instead of standing still under certain conditions.
2. Fixed an issue in Classroom where you can continue to activate the floor trigger whenever you touch it even after clearing the puzzle.

Dialogue Improvement

As an on-going effort to improve overall player experience, some dialogues have been edited / updated to flow better and to fix any grammatical errors.

Bug Reports / Contact Us

If you run into any bugs please contact us by posting in the comments, in the community hub or use the site’s contact form. Feel free to also contact us if you need any other help or if you have any feedback or suggestions.