[Guide] ESCAPE Room: Reality

Puzzle Solutions


Search for the box-key
The top right flower vase holds the key to the mysterious box

Note Puzzle
The first number indicates the vertical line from the left and the second number indicates the horizontal line from the bottom.
Move from above the box in these directions: Right, Right, Right, Up, Up (=Click), Down, Right, Right (=Click), Right, Right, Down (=Click), Right, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up

Corner-Chest Puzzle
54363 {The number of items on the desks in the front row from left to right}

Next Clue
Examine the blackboard (especially the place where Alastor blocked the way earlier to find a clue about the bookshelf)

Bookshelf Puzzle
00000 {The number of items on the desks in the back row from left to right}

Hidden Puzzles
CLASSROOM: Examine the wall directly left to the blackboard: “Books Lock. Y = 4032064. White Flowers”. This hidden puzzle can only be solved after you have activated the bookshelf lock in the normal storyline. Another chalk mark on the blackboard states that we have to take the square root of Y, which is 2008. Enter the code 02008 into the bookshelf and eventually examine the white flowers in the top left of the Classroom.

Bloodhound Secrets
CLASSROOM: Examine the wall behind the center chair at the bottom of the room. There`s something scribbled on the wall.