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ESCAPE Room: Reality

Escape Room Reality

ESCAPE Room: Reality is a puzzle RPG where you wake up in a locked room with some strangers and must find a way to escape.

More info: ESCAPE Room: Reality (Info page)


Def-Op : Codename I.R.I.S


A pilot from an elite squad was sent on a simple retrieval mission, only to get shot down en route by an enemy with far more advanced technology. Erika miraculously survived the crash and somehow found her way to the lab where she was supposed to retrieve a top secret project known as Project I.R.I.S.

The mission turned out to be anything but simple, with enemy forces occupying the rest of the military, and a number of enemy squads on their way to the lab, Erika has to defend the entire lab by herself until backup eventually… and hopefully… arrives.

Def-Op: Codename I.R.I.S on the AppStore

Def-Op: Codename I.R.I.S : Version 1.0.6 Update (blog post)


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