ESCAPE Room: Reality

What if you suddenly wake up and find yourself locked up in a room with 4 strangers…?

An “escape room” puzzle RPG game with old school RPG style graphics where you need to figure out not only how to get out, but also how you ended up here in the first place…

Team NEETBytes Returns!

ESCAPE Room: Reality On Steam [Version 1.2.1]


We’re proud to announce that ESCAPE Room: Reality had been greenlit during one of the final approval waves before it was replaced by the new Steam Direct. You can now find it on the Steam store here:
ESCAPE Room: Reality on Steam

The game has already received a few positive reviews (do check it out!) and also a complete 100% completion guide created by one of our players which can be found on the guide section of the community hub in Steam. Here is one excerpt from our very first review:

The experience is fun, quirky and as far as I know, unique. There are different endings dependent on your choices, the story is decent and the puzzles are intricate and challenging on the whole (various difficulty across the game of course).

That said, there were a number of bugs, mistakes and additional features that were added based on player feedback and this was just uploaded last night. Some of these updates includes an autosave feature and 8 additional achievements (bringing the total to 26!).

You can read the complete list of updates here:
ESCAPE Room: Reality] Version 1.2.1 Ready For Download! on Steam

You might also notice a small change in the name, which I feel makes the title read just a little bit better 🙂

Do let us know if you have any feedback, suggestions or if you run into any issues and we’ll look into it right away.

If you haven’t checked the game out yet, this is a great time to do so since we’re currently doing a 30% launch discount!

Check it out here: ESCAPE Room: Reality on Steam

I.R.I.S – DefOp is Now Available on iOS


Hi everyone. Team NEETBytes is happy to announce that I.R.I.S – DefOp is now up for download for free on the App Store.

In this game, the player assumes the role as Erika, a pilot from Angels Corp tasked with retrieving Project I.R.I.S from a secret lab located west of Borneo Island. The player must defend the secret lab from enemy invasion, using only beam gates and special attacks called ‘Pulse Bomb’ that destroys all enemies surrounding the lab. In order to increase the chances of survival, players must manage and decide on the various upgrades available.

Look forward to new contents in the coming months.

ESCAPE: Room Reality – Now On Greenlight!

Escape Room Reality - Vote on Greenlight!

ESCAPE: Room Reality is currently up on Steam Greenlight. We’re hoping, with your help, to be able to get pass the voting stage and enter Steam’s marketplace.

Please help us out by voting and spreading the word around!

You can vote for us here:

ESCAPE: Room Reality is an escape room style puzzle RPG mystery game where you’re trapped in a room with 4 other strangers. With no memories of how you got here, you’re forced to find your way out of the various locked rooms.

Find hidden items and clues to figure out your next move.

Work together with the others who are stuck with you, but be wary of who to trust.

Make your choices wisely, or you may just find yourself on the wrong side of the rooms.

You can download a working demo of the game here: ESCAPE: Room Reality – PC Demo

Or Click here to vote for us on Steam Greenlight



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ESCAPE: Room Reality Demo

If you enjoy playing escape room games, check out Team NEETBytes’ ESCAPE: Room Reality game demo!